Military Divorce: Issues for Servicemembers and Spouses

Faculty Members: Family lawyers Carolyn M. Grimes, Rebecca Janet Wade, and Jessica L. Leischner

Facilitator: Diana Shepherd, CDFA®, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine

If you or your spouse is a military servicemember, you will be faced with unique issues during your divorce. From the most common pitfalls to watch out for to the affect a servicemember’s relocation can have on child custody and visitation, the family lawyers of Wade Grimes Friedman Sutter & Leischner, PLLC outline what you should be aware of during your military divorce. More

Carolyn M. Grimes has practiced Family Law for over 24 years, dealing with all types of cases and issues. Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Sutter and Leischner PLLC  handle a lot of military, foreign service, and federal civilian divorces as well as high-conflict cases, involving substantial asset distribution.

Rebecca Janet Wade is an Alexandria, VA native. After graduating from the University of Richmond Law School, Ms. Wade returned to Northern Virginia, working first in the Public Defender’s office then entering private practice and focusing her attention on family law. Ms. Wade represents clients in cases of divorce, child custody and visitation and domestic violence.

Jessica L. Leischner is partner at Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Sutter & Leischner PLLC, specializing in family law, including divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, settlement agreements, property rights, post-divorce disputes, and other family law matters. Ms. Leischner has widespread experience in litigation as well as the negotiation and settlement of cases.

What you will learn from the video “Military Divorce: Issues for Servicemembers and Spouses”

military_family_dogThis session will discuss:

  • the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act and the Survivor Benefits Plan
  • what happens if a spouse dies after divorce but before a QDRO is drafted
  • the pitfalls to watch for in a military divorce
  • whether or not the length of a marriage affects military benefits
  • the importance of hiring a divorce lawyer experienced in military divorce
  • what happens to a person’s SBP annuity if he/she remarries
  • the affect relocation os a service member has on custody and visitation
  • whether or not a service member can be forced to pay child or spousal support
  • the effect of divorce on a military spouse’s health coverage and other military benefits.
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