Divorce Your Spouse – Not Your Property


Faculty Member: Arin R. Fife, Family Law Attorney

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, and DivorcedMoms.com

When going through a divorce, marital property will have to be divided between you and your spouse. Understanding how property and assets are divided and hiring the right divorce professionals could help you keep what is rightfully yours during your divorce. More

Arin R. Fife is a family law attorney at Boyle Feinberg P.C., an Illinois law firm dedicated to providing unparalleled results for their clients. Arin exclusively practices all areas of family law, while delivering creative results to her clients. She is committed to aiding the transition of the divorce process through mediation, litigation, and counseling, and uses financial specialists to analyze complex assets such as interests, compensations, and pensions.  

What you will learn from this podcast: “Divorce Your Spouse – Not Your Property”

money_stack_houseThis session will discuss:

  • the difference between an “equitable distribution” state and a “community property” state
  • the difference between marital property and separate property
  • who decides what is marital and what is separate property
  • the factors a judge must consider when dividing marital property
  • whether or not contributions to a retirement account is considered marital or separate property
  • what happens if both spouses want to keep 100% of the same marital property
  • whether fault ever plays a role in asset division
  • whether an inheritance received before a marriage is still considered separate property after divorce
  • whether stock options received at work are considered an asset to be divided during divorce
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