Ginger L. Dugan, Florida Family Law Attorney

Ginger L. Dugan

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Ginger L. Dugan is a family law attorney practicing at the All Family Law Group, P.A. in Tampa Bay, Florida. She practices in all areas of Family Law, including: Divorce; Child Custody and Custody Modifications; Time-Sharing; Parental Responsibility; Child Support and Child Support Modifications; Alimony/Spousal Support; Asset and Debt Division; Retirement and Pension Division; Adoption; and Contempt.

She also practices Wills and Trusts, Probate, and Consumer Bankruptcy Law (including Chapters 7 and 13).

Ginger Dugan earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Florida State University in 2003, and her Law Degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In law school, Ms. Dugan participated in the Summer Study Abroad program where she studied International Human Rights Law at the University of Strasbourg in France. She graduated from law school in 2006 and passed the Georgia Bar that same year. In early 2007, Ms. Dugan passed the Florida Bar and began practicing Family Law Litigation.

With 10 years of experience, Ginger has the skills and knowledge it takes to handle the most complex of divorce cases and is a fierce advocate for her clients.

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