A Conversation with 2 Adult Children of Divorce

adult children of divorce

Guest Speakers: Elliott Meyer and Dylan Couvrette, two adult children of divorce

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine and DivorcedMoms.com

This is a very intimate discussion with two adults whose parents divorced when they were young. One of them is the son of the Facilitator who is asking questions and hearing the answers from his own son about the Facilitator’s divorce for the first time. These two guest speakers courageously share their experiences with their parents’ divorce, what it meant to them when it happened, their relationships with their parents through the years, and the impact of the divorce on them and how they have been dealing with it. More

Elliott Meyer is an Assessment Data Specialist who resides in Nashville, TN. He and his wife, Emily, enjoy traveling, concerts, family, and have just settled into their first new home. Elliott is 31 years old and his parents divorced when he was 14 years old. He was raised by his mother and has been estranged from his father for the past 12 years.

Dylan Couvrette is a property manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His parents separated when he was 4. Dylan is now 25. His parents have an amicable divorce and he has remained close to both his parents and his older brother whom he has recently purchased a home together. He enjoys outdoor activities and regularly goes on snowboarding trips with his brother and his father. He is the son of Dan Couvrette, this session’s Facilitator.

What you will learn from this podcast session: “A Conversation with 2 Adult Children of Divorce”

adult children of divorceThis session will:

  • explore Elliott and Dylan’s experience as the divorce happened and how they view it now as adults
  • share what it is like being raised by a single mother and being estranged from his father for 12 years
  • address the impact divorce has on children as they become adults
  • carry a message to all children of divorce
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