The Benefits of Working with a Parenting Coordinator

Faculty Member: Vera Bergermann, Managing Attorney of Bergermann Law Firm

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine and

Vera Bergermann explains how a Parenting Coordinator can help your family during a difficult divorce – including describing the main objectives and goals of a parenting coordinator.  This is a “must attend” session for divorcing Floridians with children. More

Practicing family law for more than 35 years and divorce mediation for more than 20 years, Vera Bergermann knows the ins and outs of the divorce litigation and mediation processes. As a qualified parenting coordinator with a Master’s degree in taxation, she has the experience to help clients facing parenting and financial issues.

What you will learn from this video session: “The Benefits of Working with a Parenting Coordinator”

parenting coordinatorThis session will explain:

  • what a parenting coordinator is
  • how hiring a parenting coordinator could help a divorcing couple and their children
  • the main objective and goals of a parenting coordinator
  • what type of families would benefit most from hiring a parenting coordinator
  • what qualifies a professional to be a parenting coordinator
  • whether there are any similarities between a parenting coordinator and a marriage counselor
  • how often parents generally use the services of their parenting coordinator
  • whether the parenting coordinator ever makes decisions for parents
  • why you would  want to establish a relationship with yet another family law professional.

ren safe, and much more. More

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