The Advantages of Collaborative Law

Faculty Member: Vera Bergermann, Managing Attorney of Bergermann Law Firm

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine and

Instead of taking their divorce to court, spouses have the option of settling their case through collaborative law. By working with a team of professionals, the parties can achieve a settlement that is in their and their children’s best interests. In this video, Vera Bergermann discusses the ins and outs of collaborative law. More

Practicing family law for more than 35 years and divorce mediation for more than 20 years, Vera Bergermann knows the ins and outs of the divorce litigation and mediation processes. As a qualified parenting coordinator with a Master’s degree in taxation, she has the experience to help clients facing parenting and financial issues.

What you will learn from this video session: “The Advantages of Collaborative Law”

collaborative lawThis session will discuss:

  • the difference between collaborative law and regular family law
  • the professionals involved in the collaborative divorce process and what they do
  • whether or not professionals require training to be involved in a collaborative divorce
  • the main benefits of the collaborative law process
  • who is and who is not a good candidate for collaborative law
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