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relationships and dating after divorceFaculty Member: Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine and

Once you’re ready to enter the dating world post-divorce, there are some things to keep in mind. This course will examine how one can achieve an equal and authentic relationship with someone long-term. More

Chris Armstrong is a Certified Relationship Coach and Women’s Empowerment Executive. He has done countless seminars (30+), workshops (50+), interviews and keynotes (75+), and singles/couples sessions (300+), all to rave reviews. His passion for helping people figure out who they are and how to get the most of what they strive for cannot be overstated.

What you will learn from this podcast session on “2 Men on Relationships and Dating After Divorce”

dating after divorceThis session will:

  • share the biggest mistakes divorced people make while dating
  • discuss the meaning of an authentic and equal relationship
  • offer advice on dating after divorce
  • reveal how someone can discover their wants and needs in a relationship
  • outline things to be mindful of in a relationship
  • advise viewers who are having a hard time forgetting their ex-spouse

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