Using a Personal Divorce Coach to Help You Make the Best Choices


Faculty Member: Pegotty Cooper, MBA, CDC, Certified President of Divorce Coaching, Inc.

Facilitator: Cathy Meyer, Cathy Meyer, Master Certified Coach, Certified Legal Investigator and Marriage Enrichment Coach

When going through a divorce, it may be beneficial to hire a Certified Divorce Coach who can help you figure out how to take more effective actions in moving forward through the divorce process. Pegotty Cooper discusses what a CDC is and the role they play in a divorce. More

Pegotty Cooper is President of Divorce Coaching, Inc., celebrating 5 years in training and certifying personal Divorce Coaches. She is also a co-author of the recently released book Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes. We need you in our community changing the face of divorce!

What you will learn from this podcast session: “Using a Personal Divorce Coach to Help You Make the Best Choices”

personal divorce coachThis session will:

  • explain what a Certified Divorce Coach is and what the advantages are to using one
  • outline what kinds of issues a Certified Divorce Coach deals with
  • discuss if the role of a Personal Divorce Coach is different depending on what form of dispute resolution is being used
  • offer advice on how to choose the right Personal Divorce Coach
  • share tips for divorcing couples
  • address the biggest mistakes people make in handling their divorce
  • outline the training required to become a Certified Divorce Coach.
  • Deborah
    Posted at 05:17h, 11 April

    I was married for 34 yrs. My husband left me for a younger woman. I have been thru counciling. I didn’t expect our youngest son to get into trouble with the law. But my ex and his now fiance continue to bad mouth me to my grown sons and blame me for my youngest son’s mistakes. I have been trying to move on and also be there for my kids. I don’t want them to be torn and continue to be hurt by our actions. I just want us all to work together for our kids.

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 18:43h, 05 May

    What happens if father steals child’s social security for his own benefit ? Has this ever happened.

  • Catherine Delemo,
    Posted at 14:55h, 21 May

    Help I’m married to a narcissist for 44 years. Im done, I’m 61 and let him dictate my life since I’ve been 17.

  • Amy
    Posted at 16:37h, 21 May

    My son is divorced from a high conflict woman who thinks she is above the law and has no plans to work with him concerning the child. what can he do at this point without taking her back to court. They are in coparenting,but she does as she pleases and then tells him. She and her mother are good bullies. how do we maintain our composer around them.

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