Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach

Chris Armstrong, Certified Relationship Coach

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My name is Chris Armstrong and I am a Certified Relationship Coach and Women’s Empowerment Executive. In these capacities, I have done countless seminars (30+), workshops (50+), interviews and keynotes (75+) and singles/couples sessions (300+), all to rave reviews. My passion for helping people figure out who they are and how to get the most of what they strive for cannot be overstated.

I’m also very successful at it, largely because I’m authentic and personal to a person. In this, there is no canned answer nor textbook philosophy. As well, I am an action oriented coach with an unorthodox rule of not seeing a client more than four times. I want to help you focus and translate our discussions into actions that can help you move forward.

That is a little about who I am. Now here is a little about who I am not. I am not a Dating Coach. I cannot help you figure out how to make someone like you, nor how you should act when you are on a date with someone. I believe in being who we are and letting the right person find us and love based on that alone! I’m also not going to try and salvage a relationship that is not salvageable, ie. infidelity, abuse, polar opposite interests and goals. What I will do is help you get through tough relationships or personal challenges.

At the end of the day, so to speak, I believe in very basic things when it comes to relationships and I guide and advise accordingly:

  1. They should be easy
  2. They should be 100/100
  3. You must teach people how to treat you
  4. You must love yourself first
  5. You must understand your needs and wants
  6. You must be able to SWIM Backwards as in Say What I Mean and Mean What I Say
  7. The good ones start with vulnerability and confidence and end with awareness, unselfishness and attentiveness
  8. They are chronically underserved
  9. There is no honeymoon phase
  10. They are killed by lack of communication more often than not!
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