Can You Really Mediate a High-Conflict Divorce?


Faculty Member: Hon. Michele F. Lowrance (Ret.), Family Law Mediator and Attorney

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, and

While couples who are involved in a high-conflict divorce may think going to court is the only option, it is possible to achieve resolutions by going through mediation. Michele Lowrance, an attorney and mediator, discusses why it can be possible to mediator high-conflict divorce cases and potential issues that may arise. More

With more than four decades of experience as a lawyer and judge, Hon. Michele Lowrance (Ret.) now applies her unique problem-solving abilities to mediating family law issues. Her practice encompasses the emotional and financial aspects of divorce.

What you will learn from this podcast session: “Can You Really Mediate a High-Conflict Divorce?”

couple-arguing-in-mediationThis session will discuss:

  • what creates high-conflict in divorce
  • how a mediator can help people not get stuck in the past when going through a divorce
  • whether or not it’s possible to mediate a high-conflict divorce
  • the method used to deal with high-conflict couples
  • what a mediator does when parties reach an impasse
  • how to negotiate or mediate with a narcissistic or borderline spouse
  • whether a couple can go through mediation when one or both parties already has an attorney.
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