Why You Need a Financial Expert on Your Divorce Team

Faculty Member: Dianne Nolin, CFP®, CDP, First Vice President and Wealth Manager at Blisk Financial Group

Facilitator: Diana Shepherd, CDFA®, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine

Sometimes a divorce attorney is not enough. As soon as divorce papers are filed, it’s time to start planning for your future, keeping your financial well-being in mind. Dianne Nolin, who works with clients during and after a separation or divorce, outlines the benefits of involving a financial expert in the divorce process. More

Dianne Nolin is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Planner with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. The mother-of-three’s expertise encompasses the unique planning and retirement needs of widows, divorcees, and business owners. Dianne works one-on-one to create distinctive financial plans and strategies to make her clients’ individual long-term financial goals and dreams a reality.  

What you will learn from the video “Why You Need a Financial Expert on Your Divorce Team”

financial-advisorThis session will discuss:

  • the benefits of involving a financial planner in the divorce process
  • when a financial planner gets involved
  • the value a financial expert brings
  • what you can expect from the divorce financial planning process
  • the primary focus in divorce financial planning
  • how divorce financial planning differs from traditional financial planning
  • common financial mistakes divorcing individuals make
  • useful financial tips.


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