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usingadivorcecoach_pegottycooperFaculty Member: Pegotty Cooper, MBA, CDC, Certified President of Divorce Coaching, Inc.

Facilitator: Cathy Meyer, Cathy Meyer, Master Certified Coach, Certified Legal Investigator and Marriage Enrichment Coach

When going through a divorce, it may be beneficial to hire a Certified Divorce Coach who can help you figure out how to take more effective actions in moving forward through the divorce process. Pegotty Cooper discusses what a CDC is and the role they play in a divorce. More

Pegotty Cooper is President of Divorce Coaching, Inc., celebrating 5 years in training and certifying personal Divorce Coaches. She is also a co-author of the recently released book Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes. We need you in our community changing the face of divorce!

What you will learn from this podcast session: “Using a Personal Divorce Coach to Help You Make the Best Choices”

personal divorce coachThis session will:

  • explain what a Certified Divorce Coach is and what the advantages are to using one
  • outline what kinds of issues a Certified Divorce Coach deals with
  • discuss if the role of a Personal Divorce Coach is different depending on what form of dispute resolution is being used
  • offer advice on how to choose the right Personal Divorce Coach
  • share tips for divorcing couples
  • address the biggest mistakes people make in handling their divorce
  • outline the training required to become a Certified Divorce Coach.

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