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Women’s Divorce Guide

Free download of Women's Divorce GuideIn support of The Divorce School, Divorce Magazine is offering participants a gift: a free download of their Divorce Magazine’s Women’s Divorce Guide. Click here to download.

The Women’s Divorce Guide focuses on some of the key issues for women before, during, and after divorce. Here’s a preview of the 10 articles you’ll find in this 32-page Women’s Divorce Guide:

  • Betrayed
    Allow yourself to heal from the trauma, stress, grief, and betrayal of infidelity before deciding whether your next step is marriage counseling – or divorce.
  • Taking Stock of Your Marriage
    Choosing to end your marriage is one of the most difficult decisions you can make, but it may be the best choice for your future happiness.
  • Dealing with Friends, Family, and More During Divorce
    As the divorce process drags on you’ll discover that your entire range of relationships has changed. Some of these changes are sudden and huge; others are more subtle.
  • Your Financial Divorce
    Here are six financial steps women should take to prepare for divorce.
  • The 12 Financial Pitfalls of Divorce
    Divorce can be very complicated; here’s some advice to help you avoid the most common financial pitfalls.
  • Stress Busters
    Ten easy ways to combat stress during divorce.
  • The Grief Progression
    Each person has a different experience of grief and loss from change. Here’s what to expect.
  • Moving Beyond Your Divorce: Acceptance
    Eleven steps to help a divorced woman move towards acceptance – and a new life.
  • Before you Give Up: Reconciliation Strategies
    If you’re still making an effort to save your marriage, here’s some information about marriage counseling.
  • Preparing to Date Again
    When will you be ready to start dating again? The answer is different for everyone, but you need to ensure you’re past the “walking wounded” stage first.

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