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Men’s Divorce Guide

Free download of Men's Divorce GuideIn support of The Divorce School, Divorce Magazine is offering participants a gift: a free download of their Men’s Divorce Guide. Click here to download.

The Men’s Divorce Guide focuses on some of the key issues that men may have to deal with before, during, and after divorce. Here’s a preview of the 11 useful articles you’ll find in this 32-page Men’s Divorce Guide:

  • 6 Tips for a Peaceful Divorce
    A peaceful divorce is possible with the right attitude and the right support.
  • Concealing Information from your Lawyer
    This family lawyer presents eye-opening “real life” examples of how concealing information during divorce can backfire.
  • It’s your Life – Take Charge!
    Some practical suggestions on getting through divorce more easily.
  • Betrayed
    Allow yourself to heal from the trauma, stress, grief, and betrayal of infidelity before deciding whether your next step is marriage counseling – or divorce.
  • Rageaholics: Abstain from these Behaviors
    An effective action plan for what you can do to control your anger.
  • Living in the Present
    The present moment is the only place you have true power and choice; here are some strategies to get you back into the present moment.
  • Keep in Contact with your Ex About the Children
    Solid communication between you and your spouse is imperative to limit confusion of your child.
  • The Way Home
    A father’s insight helps him see divorce through his child’s eyes.
  • Popular Myths about Shared Parenting
    Unraveling some common myths and prejudices about shared parenting.
  • Tips for Divorced Dads
    How to create special memories and strengthen your bonds with your children.
  • Body Work
    Taking care of your body during and after divorce is essential to your emotional, mental, and physical health.

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