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Children and Divorce Guide

Free download of Children and Divorce GuideIn support of The Divorce School, Divorce Magazine is offering participants a gift: a free download of their  Children and Divorce Guide. Click here to download.

The Children and Divorce Guide focuses on issues faced by parents and their children before, during, and after divorce. Here’s a preview  of the 13 helpful articles you’ll find in this 32-page Children and Divorce Guide:

  • How and When to Tell Your Children
    Some dos and don’ts that will help when breaking the news of your divorce to your children.
  • The Best Interest of the Child
    Settle your child access issues so that you don’t turn your children’s fate over to a judge.
  • What Your Child Wants Most
    What they want most is to freely love both parents.
  • The Effects of Divorce on Children
    Age-group specific insights on how to support your children through the process.
  • 5 Ways to Keep your Kids out of Conflict during Divorce
    If you have said negative things to your children about your ex, it’s not too late to do the right thing.
  • Discipline and Behavior Issues in Children of Divorce
    Respectfully communicating about your child’s behavior and discipline issues can be beneficial to everyone involved.
  • Common Questions Children Ask
    Answers to questions children ask during divorce.
  • “Dear Judge” – Letters from Children
    Do you see your child in any of these letters?
  • Child-Friendly Divorce
    A checklist for parents to help foster a child’s long-term adjustment to divorce.
  • How Counselling Helps Kids
    Your children will have fears and concerns that they may need to work through with a professional.
  • Parenting Responsibly on Your Own
    By taking responsibility for your role as a parent, you can meet your child’s needs in the healthiest possible way.
  • Parenting Pitfalls
    Common warning signs that you need help before your children become casualties of your divorce.
  • Forging the Path Ahead After Divorce
    Allow yourself to learn from life’s changes so you can thrive as an individual and as a parent.

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