Tara Eisenhard, Author, Divorce Coach & Mediator

Tara Eisenhard

Tara Eisenhard can be reached at:

Relative Evolutions LLC

1517 Cedar Cliff Dr.
Suite 202
Camp Hill PA 17011


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Her Divorce School Session: Overcoming the Shame of Divorce

Tara Eisenhard is a daughter of cooperatively divorced parents as well as an ex-wife and previous partner of a divorced dad. From these life experiences came her beliefs that a marriage shouldn’t survive at the expense of its participants, and families should evolve, not dissolve, through the separation process.

As an author, speaker, coach, mediator and ongoing student of divorce, Tara is passionate about sharing her vision and promoting a fresh perspective to allow for healthy healing. She’s the author of the book The D-Word:  Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes as well as the GOOD Divorce™ Principles and the blog Relative Evolutions. Her work has been featured by Divorcedmoms.com, Family AffairesStepmom MagazineMariaShriver.com andThe Huffington Post.

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