Martha Chan, Founder of The Divorce School, Co-Owner of Divorce Magazine and

Martha Chan

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Her Divorce School Session: 2 Stepmoms Talk about Love and the Blended Family

Martha co-owns Divorce Magazine, and with her husband Dan Couvrette. She has been an educator, a speaker, and a marketer for over 35 years. She is responsible for all 7 websites her company owns which reach 3,000,000+ visitors. She also manages and writes for multiple divorce-related blogs. Her marketing articles have been published in Family Lawyer Magazine, and the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate Magazine.

Martha founded The Divorce School to inspire the divorce community. This initiative also marks the 20th anniversary of Divorce Magazine and, both of which were launched in 1996. Martha’s  goal is to have divorce be amicable and transformative. She is adamant that access to helpful information be made available for free, so that it can reach as wide an audience as possible and have the most impact on society.

Although never divorced, Martha has been a stepmother to two sons for the past 20 years. She has first-hand experience and knowledge in how to provide support to a divorced dad, his sons and ex, and how to have a successful blended family while living a fulfilling life that she loves.

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