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Dr. Mark Banschick

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Dr. Banschick has a private practice in Katonah, New York.

You can reach him at mbanschick@gmail.com
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Dr. Mark Banschick understands the upsetting dynamics of dealing with a difficult ex-spouse during and after divorce, and has seen first-hand the effects a bad divorce can have on children and teens. Mark is a medical doctor with training in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry at Georgetown University and New York-Presbyterian Medical Centers.  He has appeared on “The CBS Early Show”, and quoted in the New York Times, CNN.com, USA Today, HuffingtonPost.com, and Politico Magazine. He is a popular author on Psychology Today, who attracts more than 35,000 visitors a week.

After serving as an expert witness in custody cases, Dr. Banschick felt a calling to help families face the challenges of divorce with less expense and heartache. His Intelligent Divorce books guide parents during this stressful time in their lives. The two Intelligent Divorce books cover everything from the developmental needs of kids and teens in divorce, to financial issues, to identifying and dealing effectively with an impossible ex-spouse.

Books and Courses

Rights of Children: Dr. Mark Banschick champions the children of divorce, believing they can emerge unscathed if handled intelligently. The more people know about divorce, and the earlier they know it, the better off everyone will be. With this idea in mind, he offers a free 50-page workbook to divorcing parents. The e-book includes the child’s bill of rights in divorce, how to protect your child’s innocence, how to tell them about the divorce, and tips about parenting under pressure.

Parenting Course: For those who are in the midst of an ongoing divorce, the exciting news is that his Intelligent Divorce Course is now available to help parents navigate divorce with less damage. Actors and animation demonstrate the mistakes people make in divorce – including common mistakes co-parents make with children, especially when they have a difficult ex-spouse. Dr. Banschick is committed to making positive change happen in the lives of divorcing families by helping them avoid the most damaging mistakes. The best mistake, after all, is the one you don’t make.

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