Lorelei Stevens

Lorelei Stevens


Lorelei Stevens has been a licensed real estate broker (Washington State Real Estate Managing Broker Designated Broker’s License No. 13287) and a discounted note buyer since the 1970’s. She has worked her entire adult life with Wall Street Brokers negotiating millions of dollars of paper. She is a nationally recognized expert.

Lorelei has taught Legal Continuing Education seminars and has written numerous articles for legal, real estate and other professional publications on the subjects of seller-financing, managing, reinforcing and buying paper. She is the author of two books, one on seller-financing and another on note buying. She also wrote a monthly column for Noteworthy Newsletter for 18 years and was a frequent contributor to The Paper Source.

She is licensed by the State of Washington to teach seller financing to real estate agents (Instructor ID #:10726, qualified to instruct Legal Aspects / Real Estate Finance / Real Estate Fundamentals / Escrow Practices). She is an experienced note appraiser.

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