Cathy Meyer, Master Certified Coach, Certified Legal Investigator, and Marriage Enrichment Coach

Cathy Meyer

She can be reached via email.

Her Divorce School SessionGender Bias in Custody in Family Court

Cathy Meyer is focussed on working in any capacity that helps create positive change for those experiencing divorce. Her coaching and writing focus on every aspect of the divorce process with a special interest in child custody, co-parenting and recovery after divorce.

After her divorce 16 years ago Cathy became an iPEC certified Life Coach with a specialty in coaching clients through times of adversity. She is also a certified Legal Investigator and Marriage Enrichment Coach. Cathy has worked one-on-one with divorcing clients and given seminars and taught enrichment classes on keeping love alive in marriage for the last 10 years.

Since 2007 Cathy Meyer has been the expert for Divorce. She writes and edits their Divorce Supportvertical which has 1,100,000 pageviews a month. She has also blogged for the Huffington Post and appeared on several Huffington Post Live segments.

Cathy is an original founder of When the site became a Divorce Marketing Group property, Cathy took on the role of Managing Editor. As the managing editor of she works closely with other divorce professionals and divorced moms who also write about divorce. is the Internet’s largest community dedicated to empowering women through the divorce process and has 5,000,000 pageviews per year.

Cathy fully supports The Divorce School and thinks that it’s breath of subjects and the Faculty Members’ depth of knowledge will empower men and women to make intelligent choices in every aspect of their divorce.

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