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Make Better Choices for Your Divorce

No one goes to school for divorce – but every divorcing person should.

Introducing the world's first online Divorce School where divorce professionals and divorcees share their expertise and experience, in videos and podcasts, to help you make better choices before, during and after divorce.

First Semester: April 1 to June 30, 2016

The Divorce School is Free from April 1 to June 30, 2016

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The mission of The Divorce School is to empower men and women who are thinking about divorce, separated, or already divorced to make intelligent choices so that their divorce does not leave them financially and emotionally bankrupt. Instead, we’ll teach you how to avoid mistakes and use your divorce as a catalyst for life-changing transformation. Register now.

Online and Open 24/7. No Fees. Just Register, Watch/Listen and Learn.

Get ready for three months of free education and inspiration! You’ll have unlimited access to all of Divorce School’s podcasts and videos by divorce professionals – including lawyers, financial experts, therapists, and life coaches – as well as people who have successfully navigated the divorce process. Watch and listen from the comfort of your own home – or via a mobile device, whenever and wherever. If divorce is on your doorstep – or if you’re still having issues years later – you cannot afford to miss this online Divorce School! Register now.

Spread the word and tell your friends who may be going through a divorce – or trying to heal from one – to register for The Divorce School today!

These Sessions Are Now Open

To attend the following sessions, you must either Log In or Register into The Divorce School first. If you have already logged in, simply click on the “Curriculum” tab in the top navigation bar to attend these sessions.

property division divorce process Parenting Coodinator
Property Division and Alimony John Grubb adult children of divorce FAQs about Florida Divorce
How Child Support Works Legal Issues Pertaining to CHildren divorce litigation vs. mediation
Men on Relationships and Dating after Divorce
VeralynnMorris-Red litigation vs. mediation Allison-Williams-Red
BenjaminGarber-Red Diana-SpousalSupport-Red
Pegotty Cooper divorce coach Terry-Gaspard-Red Rosalind-Sedacca-Red
Peggy L. Tracy on fraud and divorce Sheri Meyers on infidelity Megan L. Hunter on dealing with a crazy ex
Alison Fosbery on stress Family Court Gender Bias Tara Eisenhard on overcoming the shame of divorce

You Can also Choose Your Sessions by Subject

You can access as many – or as few – Divorce School podcasts and videos as you wish. If you have questions about whether you should keep or sell the family home, how child support and spousal support work, how to increase your chances of getting joint or even sole custody of your children, and proven strategies to help yourself (and your children) to heal from divorce, you’ll find the answers here.

divorce school, legal issues

divorce school,financial issues

divorce school,children and divorce issues

divorce school,emotional issues

high-stakes divorce

divorce school,divorce recovery

Upcoming Sessions

We will be adding more Faculty and Subjects over the course of the Spring Semester (April 1 to June 30), with even more to come in the Fall (October and November).

Our Faculty Members: Experts + Divorcees

Our Faculty Members consist of experts who work with divorcing people as well as real people who have experienced the process first-hand. They include family lawyers, mediators, business valuators, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, therapists, life coaches, authors, single mothers, and divorced dads. They want to share their knowledge and experience to help you avoid common pitfalls as you go through your divorce journey.

If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Member or a sponsor, please complete and submit this online form.