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how to manage stressFaculty Member: Alison Fosbery, MA, Registered Psychotherapist

Facilitator: Martha Chan, Co-Owner of Divorce Magazine and

Stress levels increase when one starts considering divorce, going through a divorce, or having to co-parent with an unreasonable ex. How we handle stress and anxiety can impact our children and loved ones, so it’s important to understand the underlying causes of these emotions and how to stay in control. More

Alison Fosbery has a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She has been servicing clients for more than 10 years. She helps her clients deal with anxiety, depression, resentment, and conflict as a result of divorce and issues related to co-parenting, managing children, and the children’s ability to cope.

What you will learn from this video session:  “Stress: How to Manage It”

This session will:divorce stress

  • help viewers better understand the underlying causes of stress and anxiety
  • discuss how to stay in control of emotions, stress, and anxious feelings
  • explain how a parent’s behaviour can impact the development of a child
  • educate parents on how to ensure their children pick up healthy habits when it comes to anxiety
  • introduce practical ways to create new habits that will have long-lasting physical and emotional benefits for parents and their families.

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